Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Module 4 sources

Is a website that provides great information about the qualities of motivation and group work in an online environment. This link also provides an additional link to a book "The Journal of Distance Education Vol. 23, No. 2. This great information.

Steve Lohr

This blog explains the advantages of an online education setting vs a face-to-face education setting.

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  1. After reading Steve Lohr's column posted by Barbara Fox on her blog, I was reminded of why I am pursuing this online coursework. I feel as if I am a relatively early adopter of a soon to be explosive method of educational delivery. We are on the forefront of the future of education. I believe that all traditional institutions will, out of necessity, begin implementing online degrees, if they haven't already. Yet, will the tone and tenor of the traditional campus experience be lost in the shift? I did find comfort in the concluding quote: “People are correct when they say online education will take things out of the classroom. But they are wrong, I think, when they assume it will make learning an independent, personal activity. Learning has to occur in a community.”