Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Presentation Video


  1. Good job. I learned things about LD that I did not know. Your transitions and music did not overlap your audio or pictures.

    With all of the technology that is going to have to be more support for online learning for students with disabilities and I hope that someone, somewhere is working on that process. They should have the "same academic pathways" of those without disabilities.

    When my son was in the first grade he was diagnosed with LD and when he went to the community college in Charlotte, NC we found out that it was not LD, but dyslexia.

  2. Nikisha, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed our synchronous viewing of our videos and the Skype discussion. As I revealed to you during the discussion, I approached this synchronous activity with a good deal of insecurity and skepticism. I didn't know how it was going to work, or even if it was going to work. But, as ever, you came through. You were easy to contact, you responded to every e-mail, you were dependable, knowledgeable, and interested. You demonstrated a good deal of curiosity and openness. You were complimentary without being condescending and encouraging without being pushy. I am truly glad that you were in my group. I would be happy to collaborate with you again in future ventures.

    As we discussed, creating the videos was challenging and sometimes frustrating, but an excellent learning opportunity to expand our technological know-how and our confidence in the medium. We both experienced many firsts: first time editing, first time shooting video, first time adding audio, first time blogging, first time posting to YouTube, and first time embedding it in a blog. While everything didn't always go as hoped, through determination, persistence, and trial-and-error, it all eventually came together.

    Regarding your video, I liked it that you included pictures of your conference location. By doing so, you helped to anchor the video and make it appear realistic. I enjoyed your historical perspective of special education to include court cases and legislation. This provided a foundation for the evolution of how far special needs education has come in a relatively short time. You provided evidence that within a span of 50 years, we have gone from separate but equal to mainstreaming to opportunities for online learning. I appreciate your balanced approach by including both the positive and negative aspects of distance education for SpEd students. I was struck by the fact that most online services do not adequately address the learning modalities of children with unique learning styles. I had never fully considered this problem until our synchronous discussion. As schools move toward virtual education, what will that mean for children who require additional help, one-on-one attention, focus cues, and external motivators in order to experience success? Through your research in your video, you have brought up some valid and well-thought out concerns. Thank you for opening my eyes to the unique needs of a segment of the population that will need more than a canned online program to experience success.

    Kuddos, Nikisha. I am proud of you and your work.

  3. Your presentation was very enlightening. I liked the music and photos. I feel that any educator should know the laws when dealing with a student with LD. Great Job and hats off to you for working with these students.

  4. Nikisha,

    I can tell you put forth some time and effort during your research phase for this video. I enjoyed the background information and you walking the listeners through the important court cases and their outcomes associated with students with disabilities. I can see how distance education could be hard for student with disabilities. Did you use windows movie maker when you produced your video or another program?

  5. Hi Nikisha,
    I loved the intro to your presentation and I like the way you set the presentation up to be kind of like a late night talk show introduction (I hope this assumption is not wrong). Your presentation reminded me of a special education class I had during my junior year in college. I learned alot about special education and the learning needs of children with learning disabilities. I enjoyed the presentation, it was a fresh apporach to the project.

    Ametha Williams

  6. Very smooth video. Do you feel online learning will become popular for special education students?

  7. Thank you for the comments. Like we all know, it was a hard task that we all had to do. I enjoyed the process even though I regretted it daily. As far as the information, it was useful because most individuals teach special education students but do not know the risk they take with not following their individualized education plans and the rights for these students. As far as special education and distance education taking off in the near future, I feel that a lot of modificiations will be needed to ensure that no child is left behind. Each child is guaranteed a free education at the expense of the school district, but it is up to the school district to offer distance classes.

  8. I liked your video and thought it was put together very well. I liked how you did a little history of special education and the pictures you chose to put with it went well. Good job!

  9. Nikisha,

    The wonderfully historic value you gave to special education and the needed accomodations were quite informative. Your technological expertise really shines through with the music and clear narrative.I learned a little more about Brown vs The Board of Education as well. Great job!!